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El viaje continua

17 September 1948
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Now I am a crone and my Gods/Goddesses what a long strange trip this has been! How is it that I who ran from feminine softness in her 20s now is not only the mother of a grown son but the foster mother to a young man orphaned in Tanzania and foster aunt to another in Zanzibar. Perhaps it was when I went off to see my son in Europe that I connected with my sense of exile in America -- America, the land my ancestors fled their own horrors to, and yet the place that I never felt totally at ease within. Then came the internet and the ties that sprang from it in Western Europe, and now in Eastern Europe, and pushing me towards Africa as well. I am at a time when so many of my peers are retiring and I? I am working hard at my own little business to support the Africans who call me "foster mother". I am pushing to see other sides, hear other stories, and write them as they come to me. And yes, to understand the visions that come from out of nowhere to visit me. I who was raised Jewish, have seen Mary in the midst of a terrifying earthquake, have been touched by Oshun to know that my journey is just beginning, and have been invited by Ram to visit his garden and wander at will. And what is all of this? There is so much to know -- so much to see -- and I have just started seeing it.